RECARE contributes to strengthening the competitiveness of the rehabilitation & care industry and revitalizing the welfare industry
RECARE increases access and use of rehabilitation services and contributes to the development of rehabilitation services
RECARE contributes to strengthening the expertise of rehabilitation

Opportunities to find new business partners and to expand businesses

  • Attracting buyers from public medical institutions, rehabilitation hospitals, nursing hospitals, rehabilitation for the disabled, sports rehabilitation, etc. and conducting hospital purchase counseling sessions
  • Invite domestic rehabilitation equipment distributors
  • Attracting visitors such as officials from public and private medical institutions, academia, and research institutes

Special hall for next generation rehabilitation industry

  • Rehabilitation welfare specialized for children and adolescents with disabilities who need rehabilitation treatment and aged-friendly devices special hall for the elderly
  • Smart rehabilitation device special hall where you can introduce smart technology and functional robot technology devices
  • Special hall for sports rehabilitation specialized for damaged rehabilitation due to sports activities

Provide the latest trend information of global rehabilitation industries

  • Hold a conference on future rehabilitation technologies and devices that will change after COVID-19
  • Providing the latest trend information on rehabilitation technology through the exhibitor’s technology and product zone