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01 National Physical Fitness 100, Physical Fitness Contest
[Date&Time] JUN 24(Fri)~25(Sat) 10:00~17:00
[Place] Event Zone
[Host] National Health 100 Gwangju Health Certification Center, Gyeonggi Nambu (Gwangju) Disabled Physical Fitness Certification Center
[Organizer] Tongwon University Health & Exercise Management Department
– RECARE 2022 presents a contest as a national sports welfare service that measures, evaluates, and provides exercise counseling and prescriptions by scientific methods
with the aim of improving the physical strength and health of the people!
02 One Day Class (admission fee)

[Date&Time] JUN 26(Sun) 10:00~17:00
[Place] Event Zone
[Organizer] STS, Smart Trainer System
– RECARE 2022 presents an exclusive class of athletic training and sports rehabilitation planned by Dr. Byung-Gon Kim (“Hyun-Jin Ryu” former trainer)!