Business Network



[DAY 1] JUN 24(Fri)

01 Policy Seminar for the Revitalization of Rehabilitation Medical Institutions

[Date&Time] 14:00~16:00
[Place] 211
[Host] Korean Rehabilitation Medical Institutions Association, Korean Medical Biojournalists Association
[Organizer] Rehabilitation News

02 Joint Seminar on the Management of Discharged Patients for Preventable Reduction of Rehospitalization
[Date&Time] 14:00~17:00
[Place] 208B
[Host] PATRAN, The Korean Society for Preventive Medicine, Gangwon Public Health Policy Institute
03 Why Should Smart Healthcare be Applied to Care Services?
[Date&Time] 14:00~17:00
[Place] 210
[Host] Korea Smart Healthcare Association
04 2022 Assistive Technology Conference
[Date&Time] 13:00~17:00
[Place] 209
[Host] Gyeonggi-do Rehabilitation Engineering Service Research Support Center
05 Rehabilitation and Welfare Trends with Art Psychotherapy!
[Date&Time] 10:00~17:00
[Place] 212+213
[Host] Korean Child Art Therapy Association

[DAY 2] JUN 25(Sat)

01 Academic Presentation of University Sports Medical Association

[Date&Time] 10:00~12:00
[Place] 212+213
[Host] University Sports Medical Association

02 Exercise Is Medicine Republic Of Korea SYMPOSIUM

[Date&Time] 13:00~17:00
[Place] 212+213

03 4th Industrial Revolution and Smart Care Service
[Date&Time] 13:00~17:00
[Place] 209
[Host] Smart Care Convergence Association
04 Taping to Help Rehabilitate and Recover from Damage (admission fee)
[Date&Time] 13:00~17:00
[Place] 208A
[Host] Naum Care Corporation

[DAY 3] JUN 26(Sun)

01 2022 Korean Orthopedic Association's 29th Training Course for Open Doctors (admission fee)
[Date&Time] 09:00~16:30
[Place] 212+213
[Host] The Korean Orthopedic Association
02 Korean Physical Therapy Association Gyeonggi-do Provincial Council Academic Course (admission fee)
[Date&Time] 10:00~17:00
[Place] GBR B
[Host] Korean Physical Therapy Association Gyeonggi-do Provincial Council
03 Bosu Ball Pilates (admission fee)
[Date&Time] 13:00~17:00
[Place] 208
[Host] Naum Care Corporation